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Air Permeability Tester 3

Air Permeability Tester


 Measures the air permeability of all kinds of flat materials as well as foam cubes. By means of the L 5110 LABODATA III also the "pressure drop at a given air velocity" can be determined.
Special Features
  •  Wide measuring range of approx. 1 - 10,000 l/m2/s at 20 cm2 test area (0.1 - 1,300 cfm at 38 cm2).
  •  Automatic control of the test pressure.
  •  Fast and simple sample clamping.
  •  Optional FX 3300-PNx Pneumatic Clamping Assembly for samples with a high percentage of side air.
  •  Quiet operation, perfectly suitable for laboratory use.
  •  Mobile instrument, can also be used in the production area.
  •  Data port, for example for the Strip Printer L 5130 MINIPRINT or a PC with L 5110 LABODATA III.
  •  By means of the L 5110 LABODATA III the air permeability can be converted into the pressure drop.
  •  Works in accordance with all known test standards.
  •  Calibratable.