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Elmatear 2

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HEAL’S Elmatear 2 is a powerful and versatile Digital Tear Tester for

accurately testing textiles,nonwovens and a wide variety of

similar materials, including paper,board and plastic.

The extensively re-designed Model855 features contemporary styling

and sophisticated new controls that simplify and accelerate routine

tear testing.

The instrument’s intelligent operating system is equipped with industry-specific features and

terminologies for the user’s convenience and ease of operation.

The operator selects the unit of measurement and the number of plies, using a state-of-the-art LCD

Touch Screen. Test results are displayed digitally - no cumbersome calculations are required.

Visible and audible indicators confirm valid results or signal the need to change the number of plies

and/or the pendulum weight.

• Automatic pendulum weight detection and automatic zeroing have been incorporated to

further diminish the scope for operator error.

Another major feature of Elmatear² is quick and easy specimen clamping using innovative rotary cam

lock jaws.

• Statistical analysis is possible without the need of connection to a PC. However, the PC Software

Package is designed to provide tools for saving, recalling, deleting and printing test results.

The operation of Elmatear² is intrinsically safe – release of the pendulum requires both hands, finger

traps have been eliminated and, after a test, the pendulum is automatically arrested.

Elmatear² is supplied complete – the price of the equipment includes a full set of Pendulum

Weights (equivalent to the traditional pendulums A–D) as well as corresponding check weights, a spare

blade and four textile specimen preparation templates. An optional E Pendulum Weight Kit (with

corresponding check weight and interchangeable jaw faces) is offered to increase the capacity of the

instrument to 128N.