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Martindale 900 Series

Martindale 900 SeriesTM


All previous models and accessories have been completely re-designed, creating a new series which combines the best in style, quality, affordability and functionality; introducing users to the next level in abrasion and pilling testing.

New features include:

- Suitable for Fabric Abrasion, Fabric Pilling, Glove.

- Abrasion, Sock Abrasion and Leather (Ball Plate) testing.

- Can be used for many other applications, including wet and high friction tests.

- Complies with all known Martindale standards and methods.

- Versatile and intuitive Key Pad User Interface.

- Easy change of motion.

- Comfortable and easy access to every station from the front, without removing the top plate.

- Finger grips to facilitate (when required) removal of top plate.

- Low power consumption.