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Automatic Pick Counter

Automatic Pick Counter


 Measures the thread density ("pick count") of woven fabrics and wire meshes as well as the loop density of knitted fabrics.

Special Features

  •  Extremely wide measuring range of 8 through 300/cm (20 through 762/in).
  •  Measuring accuracy better than ± 1 %.
  •  Measuring time less than 1 second.
  •  Handy pocket-size instrument, suitable for use in the laboratory as well as in the production area.
  •  Optional FX 3250-MT Stand for stationary operation.
  •  Data port, for example for the Strip Printer L 5130 MINIPRINT or a PC with L 5110 LABODATA III.
  •  Calibratable.
  •  Worldwide unique instrument.